3.1 FTW!

No way am I pretending I’m a fitness nut, I used to HATE running. I grew up doing competitive gymnastics and running 5 miles a practice for conditioning is what I considered to be miserable at it’s finest. That being said I never really learned much about going to the gym to workout on my own, I spent my time doing back flips and balancing on a 5 inch beam, casual right? Once I got to college I realized running is a really good way to de-stress and even more rewarding when you start making and reaching goals.I would get into these spurs of going to the gym everyday for about 5 weeks, then get lazy for a couple, then push myself to start back up again. The circular pattern continued on until I found the key to my motivation, 5k’s!!!!

These days finding a 5k for yourself is like shopping for a handbag, they come in all shapes, sizes and colors, even though neon seems to be dominating the trends! Last summer I ran my first 5k with a group of friends from high school and LOVED it! We ran the famous paint splatter race,¬†“Color Me Rad”. Basically you wear white clothing and get covered from head to toe in colorful powder/paint and look absolutely ridiculous but have SO MUCH FUN doing it. If you’re looking for a fun first 5k to test out the waters I definetly recommend signing up! Luckily “Color Me Rad” is coming back to Pittsburgh this September! Find your running shoes and get outside!








Today I signed up for the “Electro Dash”! I’ve heard of this kind of run before and was anxiously awaiting it’s arrival in Pittsburgh! It’s basically a huge electronic dance party with neon, glow sticks and black lights! Just like Color Me Rad, you wear all white but instead of paint, it’s neon lights! Right now the race is offering a $34 early bird special if you sign up before June 27th so go, go, GO !!! I also found a coupon code to use that gave myself and all my friends 20% off: ELECTRORAD ¬†Registration includes a t-shirt, neon glasses, LED bracelet and glow in the dark tattoos! I’ll be there as captain of #TeamElectroids! If glow isn’t your kinda party, theres also a Foam Fest run coming this summer on June 14th! The thought of being covered in mud from head to toe makes me squirm, did I mention I’m a city kinda girl? haha.


One day I hope to run a half marathon (13.1 miles) but until I feel like I’m fully prepared I’m sticking to 5k’s all the way!


XOXO, Belle of the Burgh




Memorial Day Weekend #MDW

What a beautiful start to summer this past Memorial Day weekend! The sun was shining (my sunburn unforgivably shows it), the parks were full of families enjoying time together, and the North Park Boathouse had it’s summer opening! They offer everything from paddle boats to canoes through Kayak Pittsburgh, head over to their site to […]

Yours Truly


Hello Yinzers!

Let me guess, you’re thinking what is a “Yinzer” and why are you starting your very first blog post with that word? Well, a “Yinzer” by definition is a person that lives and associates themselves with the city of Pittsburgh and it’s traditions. We get excited about the little things, the big things and everything in between. Pittsburgh is a small city (with a BIG heart) located in Pennsylvania and the very place I’m lucky to call home. This blog is meant to show Pittsburgh through the eyes of a 21 year old college senior getting ready to branch out and show the world what she’s made of. Adventures, photos and just plain fun.


Hold on, it’s gonna be one heck of a ride.

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh