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I also bought this ADORABLE social media PJ set at Forever 21 this weekend. Every social media addict needs to own!


xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


Olympic Gold!

I’m sure some of you readers know Monday was National Olympic Day! A day where the USA celebrates all the amazing athletes past, present and future for their Olympic triumphs. It seems like every year I grow more and more interested in watching the Olympics. This past year a friend & I at school would sprint back to my room after class to catch portions of the figure skating routines (ugh still can’t believe Gracie Gold didn’t take the gold!!!!!!) Although I’m a fan of the glitzy outfits, or I’ve just watched Ice Princess one too many times, my one true love is USA Gymnastics. Like I said in a past post 3.1 FTW!, I grew up in a gymnastics gym. Although my gym-ing days are well over, the beauty and fascination of gymnastics is something I believe I will have forever. The strength, grace and discipline required blows my mind.

With that being said, the next summer Olympic games are taking place in Rio, 2016. Last year I had a pretty good idea who the favorites going in were and it made the suspense of the competition even more thrilling! The teams haven’t been picked yet, but the road to earning a spot on the Olympic team is beginning right here in Pittsburgh this August!! Pittsburgh won the bid to host the P&G Gymnastics Championships at CONSOL Energy Center. Past olympic medalists Nastia Luikin and Shawn Johnson are previous P&G champions, as well as last time’s favorite Jordyn Weiber! On Monday Gabby Douglas, who won the gold all-around medal in London 2012, was in town to promote the championships and also helped Pittsburgh break a world record! I was on my way to the gym when my mom called and told me she heard Gabby Douglas was in town and I needed to get to the Roberto Clemente bridge “RIGHT NOW!” if I want to try and meet her. I made a quick U-turn and speeded for the bridge!! Somehow I got there at the perfect moment and this happened…….


It was really awesome to meet such a gymnastics superstar as I was casually on the way to the gym. Weirdly enough I met the band Neon Trees in a similar way a couple weeks before this, again while I was at the gym. That stories actually pretty bizarre and I’m NEVER as lucky as I was that day!


Both the men and women’s P&G Championships are being held at CONSOL Energy Center August 21st-24th. Tickets are being sold for both men and women’s sessions, available HERE! The athletes competing here will be the ones to watch in 2016! Whether you’re a dedicated gymnastics fan or got a good laugh out of the movie Stick it!, you’ll want to see these flips in person!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh

Weekend Photo Diary!

This weekend was full of feel good moments.


 Outfit details: Dress, Old Navy; Necklace, Forever21; Shoes, Target



Legally Blonde is such a fun show! Every person (or just my mother and I) were singing along to every word.


Outfit Details: Dress, American Eagle; Necklace & Bracelets, Forever21; Boots, SAS Factory Shoe Store; Purse, Claire’s




Luke Bryan is perfect, there isn’t much more to say. Heinz Field was his first stadium show, sold out with 53,000 people. Megan & I danced and squealed all night long. If one thing is for sure, Pittsburgh knows how to tailgate! I can see another country concert in my future but for now I’m going to go back to band boys playing alternative where I belong hahaha.



Lastly I went to my first Sunday Yoga in the Square! It was beautiful weather and a perfect way to end the weekend. I found it challenging but very relaxing. I some how got into the position above known as the Crowe. 

Make this week a great one!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


Weekend Line-up!

Give yourselves a good pat on the back because you made it all the way to Thursday, which means one day till Friday, which is one day closer to Saturday, which is right before Sunday so its basically the weekend……… right? Summer is in full swing here in Pittsburgh with a weekend line-up of fun things to do!

When you’re in college Thursday night is a weekend, unless you’re one of the lucky select few students that take Friday class cause you haven’t figured out the system yet. If you’re feeling bummed from being back in your hometown and need some sense of normall-cy until you return to your life at school, check out Hofbrahaus Pittsburgh! Every Thursday night is College Night feat. beer specials and the most popular item on the menu, pretzels and bier cheese. I haven’t been there myself yet but it on my to-do list very soon. There’s always live music, loud banging on tables and dancing!

Tegan and Sara are also playing Thursday night at Stage AE! Unfortunately they had to move the show inside but that doesn’t change the magic that is their music. My very first college roommate introduced them to me and I never looked back, check out one of my favorite songs by them below! Tickets HERE!

Friday night is the first weekend kick-off of CLO’s Legally Blonde! You can find links and ticket information in my recent post Singing in the RainI saw the show the last time it came around but it’s such a fun show (and justifiable by a student discount) that I have to go again! Elle Woods has qualities every girl should find within them self! I linked her power ballad “So Much Better” below, one of the break-through scenes from the show! You go Elle!!

I have two words for a Saturday event break down………..LUKE BRYAN !!!!!!!!! (and his butt) Tickets still available HERE!


Sundays event is something I have been so eager to try since I heard of it, Yoga in Market Square! Every Sunday starting this coming weekend until August 24th at Market Square in Downtown Pittsburgh, there will be free yoga from 10-11 a.m. I can’t say I’m an avid yogi, but who couldn’t enjoy feeling good about their bodies while enjoying beautiful Pittsburgh views?! Count me in!

yoga in the square

List of Instructors:

June 22nd – Jamie Malinowski

June 29th – Rachel Bakstrom

July 6th – Emily Wichryk

July 13th – Sally Sherman

July 20th – Stefani Rose

July 27th – Ryan Mullinary

August 3rd – Jen Ferris Glick

August 10th – No Yoga

August 17th –  Brian Edwardo

August 24th – Haley Beth

No matter the weather or the rain, make this weekend a blast by getting out to one of the events above!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh

How Pittsburgh are YOU?!

Stopping in to share this quick quiz from Buzzfeed! As if we don’t all spend enough time scrolling through the sites lists of “20 Things every TwentySomething is Tired of Hearing” to make us feel better about NOT having our lives figured out (you mean it’s not just me?!) or finding the perfect list of “22 Signs You Found Your Best Friend Forever” to post on your BFF’s Facebook wall, you can also take fun quizzes! Want to find out just how yinzer you really are? Take the “How Pittsburgh Are You?” quiz by clicking here!

I got a 60 to of 100 but where’s the surprise there?! Pittsburgh is who I am!


xoxo, Belle of the Burgh

I don’t want this night to end….

It’s finally time to talk about my #1 favorite summer time activity, CONCERTS! Pittsburgh is lucky to have a lot of awesome music venues in and close to our area. Whether you’re a fan of country, alternative, scream-o, or the radio’s latest hits, there’s something passing through this summer for everyone(although my bank account continues to not show the same excitement I do when a new tour date is announced……whoops!) I’m a big Taylor Swift fan and it’s become a tradition for me to go to her show every summer but this year she isn’t touring the United States and I’m heart broken!!!


Once I realized Taylor wasn’t coming I started looking into other stadium concerts and decided upon buying tickets for Luke Bryan!! I’ve never been to a real country style concert before and I can hardly wait!! (I may or may have not already bought a pair of cowgirl boots) A really great way to track the concerts and shows coming to any area you might live in is to download the app Bandsintown. It tracks artists and notifies via e-mail when a new show under your genre is announced in your area. Below I’ve made a list of the Pittsburgh venues I visit most, click the links and check out if your favorite band or singer is coming to the Burgh this summer!!

Who else is ready to kick off this summer with a beat?!


xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


“The key to happiness isn’t success, the key to success is happiness”

Here are a few snapshots from the weekend spent in Ohio for our cousins graduation! Our extended family is pretty big and there’s never a dull moment when this gang gets together, especially for a celebration! The next one to graduate is ME!!!! (insert slight panic attack here) CONGRATS to Andrew for being such an accomplished guy! He told me his secret is “I do what I want” as I *rolled my eyes* Haha! Enjoy!

The graduate!





Outfit Details: Shirt, Urban Outfitters; Pants, Marshall’s, Shoes, Old Navy (Memorial Day Weekend Purchase)


Tonight I’m going to a Pirates game with tickets I got at #BucsTicketTuesday! Once a month the Pittsburgh Pirates announce on Twitter and Facebook where the Pirate Parrot (mascot) will be on that coming Tuesday. At the specified time you go to that location and if you are one of the first 50 people, you get two free tickets for a game! Follow @Pirates and search the hashtag to keep up on all the latest give-aways and promotions! You could be the next winner!


xoxo, Belle of the Burgh

50 Best! #BRParty


This week I got to attend and work a booth at Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best Restaurant Party at Heinz Field! Every year, Pittsburgh Magazine holds voting by the public for their input of Pittsburgh’s 50 Best Restaurants; then throws a huge party to celebrate the release of the issue! When I say yinzers have love for all things in our city, I mean it! Believe me when I say there was enough food to feed the entire Steelers football team! Over 50 restaurants made their best creations to serve, it’s almost impossible for a person to have enough room to try one of everything. The party is split into two wings (they even hand out maps, it is THAT BIG) and the walking distance in-between the wings must be how party-goers reset for the next round of samples. I got to bring along a plus one and my friend Jenn from school was such a great help! After running around fighting the lines and sampling, we got to work spreading the word about Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, taking place August 11-17th! Don’t worry, this may be the first but definitely not the last mention of PRW, it’s kind of one of my favorite things to talk about! Great event, great food, hard work(eating that much breaks a sweat) and great company!

You may have missed out on all the fun this time, but next up for Pittsburgh Magazine is their annual Best of the Burgh party at Stage AE featuring music, drinks, and you guessed it…..more food!


I got my first excuse to wear the J.Crew dress I bought on Memorial Day Weekend!


My first ever macaroon!! jenneating

Outfit Details: Dress, J.Crew; Earrings/Shoes, Payless; Necklace, Forever21

I’ll be traveling to Ohio this weekend to see my baby cousin graduate(I officially feel old knowing my “baby” cousin is 18 and graduating high school eek!!!)

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh

Singing in the the Rain…

When my mom asked me to go see “Singing in the Rain” with her this past Sunday, I instantly thought of Gene Kelly swinging around a lamp post tap dancing the night away in the pouring rain and of course said yes! In high school I participated in the musical productions so I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for a good show tune. The show was spectacular with some beautiful voices and very impressive dance numbers. The famous number “Singing in the Rain” had the whole audience in smiles, they even somehow made it actually rain on stage! The Pittsburgh CLO always keeps it professional and easy for guests to enjoy.




This show was just the first of many for the CLO’s summer series! Next up is Legally Blonde: The Musical (my all time personal favorite show!!!), Footloose, Evita, Cats, and Monty Python’s SPAMALOT! Tickets are available for the following shows here. The Benedum Center also supports student discounts making tickets $15 dollars for university students as well as great group rates!


See you at the theater!

XOXO, Belle of the Burgh