I don’t want this night to end….

It’s finally time to talk about my #1 favorite summer time activity, CONCERTS! Pittsburgh is lucky to have a lot of awesome music venues in and close to our area. Whether you’re a fan of country, alternative, scream-o, or the radio’s latest hits, there’s something passing through this summer for everyone(although my bank account continues to not show the same excitement I do when a new tour date is announced……whoops!) I’m a big Taylor Swift fan and it’s become a tradition for me to go to her show every summer but this year she isn’t touring the United States and I’m heart broken!!!


Once I realized Taylor wasn’t coming I started looking into other stadium concerts and decided upon buying tickets for Luke Bryan!! I’ve never been to a real country style concert before and I can hardly wait!! (I may or may have not already bought a pair of cowgirl boots) A really great way to track the concerts and shows coming to any area you might live in is to download the app Bandsintown. It tracks artists and notifies via e-mail when a new show under your genre is announced in your area. Below I’ve made a list of the Pittsburgh venues I visit most, click the links and check out if your favorite band or singer is coming to the Burgh this summer!!

Who else is ready to kick off this summer with a beat?!


xoxo, Belle of the Burgh



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