Olympic Gold!

I’m sure some of you readers know Monday was National Olympic Day! A day where the USA celebrates all the amazing athletes past, present and future for their Olympic triumphs. It seems like every year I grow more and more interested in watching the Olympics. This past year a friend & I at school would sprint back to my room after class to catch portions of the figure skating routines (ugh still can’t believe Gracie Gold didn’t take the gold!!!!!!) Although I’m a fan of the glitzy outfits, or I’ve just watched Ice Princess one too many times, my one true love is USA Gymnastics. Like I said in a past post 3.1 FTW!, I grew up in a gymnastics gym. Although my gym-ing days are well over, the beauty and fascination of gymnastics is something I believe I will have forever. The strength, grace and discipline required blows my mind.

With that being said, the next summer Olympic games are taking place in Rio, 2016. Last year I had a pretty good idea who the favorites going in were and it made the suspense of the competition even more thrilling! The teams haven’t been picked yet, but the road to earning a spot on the Olympic team is beginning right here in Pittsburgh this August!! Pittsburgh won the bid to host the P&G Gymnastics Championships at CONSOL Energy Center. Past olympic medalists Nastia Luikin and Shawn Johnson are previous P&G champions, as well as last time’s favorite Jordyn Weiber! On Monday Gabby Douglas, who won the gold all-around medal in London 2012, was in town to promote the championships and also helped Pittsburgh break a world record! I was on my way to the gym when my mom called and told me she heard Gabby Douglas was in town and I needed to get to the Roberto Clemente bridge “RIGHT NOW!” if I want to try and meet her. I made a quick U-turn and speeded for the bridge!! Somehow I got there at the perfect moment and this happened…….


It was really awesome to meet such a gymnastics superstar as I was casually on the way to the gym. Weirdly enough I met the band Neon Trees in a similar way a couple weeks before this, again while I was at the gym. That stories actually pretty bizarre and I’m NEVER as lucky as I was that day!


Both the men and women’s P&G Championships are being held at CONSOL Energy Center August 21st-24th. Tickets are being sold for both men and women’s sessions, available HERE! The athletes competing here will be the ones to watch in 2016! Whether you’re a dedicated gymnastics fan or got a good laugh out of the movie Stick it!, you’ll want to see these flips in person!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


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