Baby You’re a Firework!

We are on the eve of a 3-day holiday weekend! Even though today is Thursday, it’s basically Friday! I hope everyone is digging the red, white and blue out of the back of their closets and getting ready to cheers to the USA (even if we lost the World Cup on Tuesday which in that case it is still TOO SOON!!) Here are five fun things going on in the Burgh this weekend to celebrate #MERICA!!

1. Cookout – Whether you want to fire up the grill at your house or head down to the North Shore for this years Regatta, good food is a MUST. Tons of food stands featuring BBQ, fresh lemonade, and ice cream will be set up along the water this weekend.  There are also a ton of shows happening from boat racing, BMX bike riding and the ever popular sand sculpting (my personal favorite!) It will be happening all day long July 3rd & 4th.

2. Fireworks – The best part of the 4th of July (after endless hot-dogs and pasta salad) are the fireworks! Downtown Pittsburgh puts on a firework show every year that brings thousands of people. The show starts at 9:35 and I recommend getting a spot pretty early because it fills up FAST. One year I had to climb the Roberto Clemente bridge just to get a good spot. If you’re not one for big crowds, you can opt to catch the show right at home on your TV!

3. Swimming – The wave pool is a great place to camp out for a day of sun and relaxation. I just recently went to Settler’s Cabin wave pool and had a blast! Renting a good inter-tube  is the key to closing your eyes and pretending you’re at the ocean. Pack a cooler, don’t forget the sunscreen and bring some tunes!

4. Concert – Free show at Heinz Field headlining Jarrod Liemann, you can find out more information HERE!!

5. Baseball Game – The Pittsburgh Pirates are doing AWESOME this season! We’re playing the Phillies everyday this weekend, what’s more american than a baseball game?!


 Enjoy the holiday weekend, U-S-A!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh



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