Keepin’ Your Love Locked Down

photo3Who doesn’t want to pretend they’re being swept off to Paris for a day? Well now it’s possible to feel a little bit of Paris’ magic right here in the Burgh! The ever popular ‘Love-lock Bridge’ in Paris is exactly as it sounds. It’s a bridge, covered in hand locks, put on by couples in love. All different colors, all different sizes and all different stories, representing two people with a connection bigger than themselves. This trend has crossed over to the ‘Schenley Bridge’ in Oakland. I’ve heard about this bridge for months and I finally got to hunt it down this week. I may not be a young girl hopelessly in love with another person, but I am a young girl in love with life. Looking at all the special engravings on every lock gave me butterflies that one day i’ll feel that way about someone, maybe return to the bridge to put my very own lock on the fence!


photo2 copy



I hope no matter where you are in life, you’re in it with love. Love for yourself, love for your family & friends and love for your dreams. If you’re looking for something ‘so cheesy make my heart explode romantic’, check out this story about a couple that got engaged at the real Love-Lock Bridge in Paris!


P.S. It’s also my best friends 21st birthday this weekend (I might be more excited than she is for the celebrations hehe) and I made her this adorable mini alcohol tree I found on Pinterest! Cheers to the weekend!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


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