Best Day of the Year: Warped Tour Check List!


Who is ready to rock out at this years Vans Warped Tour?! I can not wait to hear some of my favorite bands (Mayday Parade) as well as a bunch of new ones (especially This Wild Life!!!!!!). For those of you who are newcomers, Warped Tour is music festival that road trips across America performing one day in each city for the whole summer, June-August. Fans are exposed to 50+ in one day, in one venue. Whether you’re looking to catch your favorite band or discover new talent, Warped Tour is a band lovers dream. We will be rocking out in Burgettstown, PA, about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. As a veteran experiencing bad outfit choices, dehydration and un-forgiving sunburn first-hand, I have put together a survival kit to help make your Warped Tour experience the best it can be! There’s a reason it’s known as the “Best day of the year!


 Canned-goods – Tired of waiting in long lines? Bring 3 canned goods to donate to the Feed Our Children NOW tent, you can earn a “skip the line” wristband and gain first access to the venue!

Water Bottle – Summer temperatures are HOT. Spending all day in the sun listening to music can make a person forget about taking care of their body! Find the water stations around the venue to fill up a water bottle with free H20. The crew works hard to keep you hydrated and going all day long! Make sure to EAT as well.

Ticket – Tickets give you entry into the show! Luckily if a ticket is forgotten at First Niagara Pavillion a confirmation number from your e-mail will also work. Gain this access through the customer service office.

Camera/Sharpie – You will get to see so many bands in such a short amount of time, no one will believe you had that AWESOME of an experience unless you show them! Use your camera to remember memories with your friends, meeting your favorite artists, and take videos of your favorite song. Don’t forget a sharpie for autographs!

Sunglasses/Sunscreen/Chapstick – Protecting your skin is extremely important! I personally forgot the sunscreen my first year and ended up looking like a tomato by 5 o’clock. Bring a spray bottle sunscreen for  quick application in between sets! Wear sunglasses to keep from squinting and getting the best view possible of each set. No one likes sunburned/chapped lips, keep the chapstick handy as well!

Cash – Want to give support to a band? Buy some merchandise from their tent! Artists’ put their heart and souls into their career to come out on tour for fans. Buying a new CD or t-shirt can help keep them going!

Shoes/Tank Top/Bandana – Comfortable clothes are KEY! You’re going to be walking, standing, dancing, (heck maybe even moshing) for close to 10 hours. Keep it cool, loose, and a little edgy.

Fannypack – Everything listed above needs a place! The one pictured below was purchased from Forever21, similar can be found HERE!


 To see if Warped Tour is coming to a city near you, click HERE!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


One thought on “Best Day of the Year: Warped Tour Check List!

  1. […] Vans Warped Tour was on Tuesday and it was INCREDIBLE. So many bands, so little time. We went from stage, to stage, to stage getting to see just about every band I wanted to squeeze in for the day! My favorites tore up the stage and I saw a couple bands for the first time. My highlights were definitely seeing Yellowcard’s set (they’re much more than their popular song ‘Ocean Avenue’!!), meeting and hearing This Wild Life, and crowd-surfing during The Story So Far‘s set. Spending the day with two of my best friends, surrounded by hundreds of people that just LOVE music is a feeling that can’t be beat.  I’m already feeling post-concert depression and can’t wait for next years Best Day Ever!!! […]

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