Andy Warhol


I bet you didn’t know one of the worlds most popular artists, Andy Warhol, is from right here in the city of Pittsburgh, did ya?! Well it is true and we are darn proud of it! The Andy Warhol features Warhols art, film and videos, as well as archives. The featured exhibit right now is Halston and Warhol: Silver and Suede! A great way to get a bargain for college students is to go on ‘Good Fridays‘. Every Friday from 5-10 pm the museum stays open late with half price museum admission and a cash bar! It’s the perfect way to get a more intimate look at all the art and make an evening out of it. The Warhol is located right near NorthShore hots spots McFaddens, the Beer Market, and BZ’s Bar and Grill.

warholAlthough you can’t take pictures in the museum, how cool is it the museum has the exact bench below this photo of Warhol to take recreation pictures?! Clearly in this picture I was trying (keyword: trying) to be extra serious but I was bursting with excitement when I realized our sunglasses were extremely similar! One of my favorite Warhol quotes is “Don’t pay attention to what they write about you, just measure it in inches.” He was an artist that didn’t care what people were saying about him and his work, as long as they were saying something, he was winning.


On Saturday night I also caught a movie that just came out, Begin Again. The story, the cast, the soundtrack….all of it phenomenal. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially music lovers! Adam Levine sings a beautiful ballad “Lost Stars” that I’ve had on repeat. Comment below if you see it and tell me what you think!


There also was a lot of yoga happening this weekend. I’m still a beginner (really amateur at best) but I’m learning!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh





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