Dancing All Night to the Best Song Ever!


Next week at this time it will be the first Monday of my senior year of college……WOW! Time really has flown by. This past weekend was officially the last weekend of summer and what other way was there for me to spend it then with the one and only One Direction?! (Listen to: Diana, Midnight Memories, Happily, Little White Lies, Better Than Words) That’s right, I packed up my bags and road-tripped to Detroit, Michigan for my last concert before school starts. I guess we’ll forgive Harry Styles this time for leaving Pittsburgh off the list of tour dates, but just this once! I also got to spend time with my sister and brother in-law which makes the trip that much sweeter.

One Direction is currently on the Where We Are tour across North America! Their latest album, Midnight Memories, is FANTASTIC! It will make you want to dance, if not, YOU’RE LYING TO YOURSELF! The tour starts off with a 10 song set by 5 Seconds Of Summer (Listen to: You Look So Perfect, Amnesia) and they’ll be going on their own headlining tour next year, coming to First Niagara Pavilion on August 23rd!! Tickets are already available HERE!

Next up was One Direction and the screams (including me oops) were out of control! Get a group of cute boys that can sing, have accents, awkward dance moves and you’ve got every 14 year old girl wrapped around your finger. I sang, I danced, I embarrassed my sister and had too much fun. The setlist was 23 songs long of perfection, the pyro was loud and the confetti was everywhere. 1D knows how to throw a party if you ask me and all 65,000 bright eyed girls in the audience as well.


As a lot of you may know, Detroit is home to the movie 8 mile! Any time we drive in Detroit, I try to spot out scenes from the movie. For the night of the show we parked in a parking garage formerly known as the Michigan Theater. It can be found in 8 mile as the set of a free-style rap scene featuring Eminem! It was really cool to see all the architecture up close and know we were standing in a monumental place!!


I hope all of you moving back to school this coming weekend have the greatest last week of summer and sunshine, I will try my best to enjoy despite my mile long to-do list!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


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