OMs in the Outfield!

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How AWESOME are the Pirates doing this season?! On Sunday I got to experience PNC Park in a way most people don’t! I attended OMs in the Outfield, an event where yogi’s take a yoga class right in the outfield, presented by Lulu Lemon-Shadyside. After such success with Yoga in the Square, Lulu Lemon wanted to celebrate by bringing a unique yoga experience to the field! Along with a ticket to the class, the purchase included a ticket to the last home game of the season later on that day. Unfortunately for us, it began raining halfway through and had to cut the class short. It is something I will still never forget!




The yoga community of Pittsburgh is growing more everyday! Below are some of the highest rated yoga studios in the city and surrounding. Drop-in for a class to find your groove:

1. Bend Yoga // Single Class – $15 // Student Rate $11 // Downtown

2. The Yoga Hive // Single Class – $14 // Student Rate available at request // Garfield

3. Yoga Flow // Single Class – $14 // Student Rate $9 // Shadyside

4. Amazing Yoga // Single Class – $15 // Student Rate $9 // Shadyside-SouthSide

5. School House Yoga // Single Class – $14 // Strip District


xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


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