5 Tips for The Business of Blogging!


Last night I was lucky enough to attend a panel of bloggers speaking at Duquesne University! I was referred by a post on I caught on Summerwind (who if you didn’t already know is one of my favorite bloggers!!) and I managed to fit it in at the last minute! The panel featured Lindsay Patross – I ❤ PGH, Julia Gongaware – eatPGH, Sydney Carver – Summerwind and Mandy Fierens – The Curvy Blogger. All very successful bloggers that headquarter right here in Pittsburgh. I am still very new to the blogging world and always jump at the opportunity to meet and socialize with other bloggers. There’s just something about being around other creative minds that share the same passion as you. I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best tips I received from the panel last night:

1. Content is King

I have heard this phrase everywhere I go. The most important part of any blog is the content being produced. No matter how many followers you have or ads you get paid for, the main focus should always be the quality not quantity of posts. Being the most authentic version of yourself is the best way to succeed. Writing posts purely to gain followers or be sponsored by a company for large chunk of change isn’t going to bring the readers, your voice is.

2. Clear Vision

When first starting a blog it can be hard to figure out what your specific niche is. There are ideas thrown all over the place, but it is important to focus on a clear concise idea. Once you figure out your focus, you want to figure out your following. What do your readers most respond to? Which posts get the most traffic? What writing style are you using? One should always 100% believe in what they are posting, but you also need to understand how to build and maintain an audience. Be consistent with your vision.

3. Media Kit

Build a media kit! When interacting with sponsors and other companies, it is important to have a set of documents that represent YOU and your blog. It doesn’t just include boring statistics(which are very important!!) but is the best representation of your blog content, where you are with your blog currently, and what kind of sponsorships you offer.

4. Network

I can not say this word enough! Networking is something that comes with experience and practice. When I first started going to networking events I was very nervous and wasn’t sure how to approach strangers, but with a couple under my belt I now walk right up and introduce myself. You never know who another person may know or potential to collaborate. It also helps that bloggers are all very friendly, outgoing people that want to talk with you probably as much as you want to talk to them!

5. Resources

Once a blog has been around for a while and really starting to gain traffic, it’s time to be educated! Most bloggers have never dealt with contracts, negotiate, or how to calculate percentage and commissions. If you start to feel like there is potential to make some kind of profit, look into building a team! A lawyer and accountant will be the most helpful when figuring out sponsorships and gain revenue fair to all parties involved.


Pictured above with the ever so sweet, Sydney Carver of Summerwind!

Keep on bloggin friends!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


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