Tiny Dancer: Tulle Skirt

How can you not feel like a ballerina in this skirt?! I’ve been eyeing this skirt for a while and finally decided to take the plunge when I was Christmas shopping the other night (60% off at Delia’s closing sale)!! For a girl that wears leather and black all the time, it’s definitely out of my comfort zone. I’m sharing ways to incorporate something new and fun into your wardrobe while still sticking to your personal style! The only thing I purchased for these outfits is the skirt; proof you can buy one staple item and use pieces you already own to change up it’s look.




For a more casual/day-time look, pair the skirt with a jean blouse and a statement necklace for sparkle! Pointed nude flats with a lace bow makes it a little more girly.




This look is a little more edgy for a night out. The hardness of the leather jacket over a very feminine skirt makes for a good contrast. Pair it with your favorite screen print top tucked in and some red lipstick! I chose the studded flats to make it a little rougher around the edges.

IMG_2089Who says ugly christmas sweaters have to be ugly?! With the right combination they can add the perfect amount of christmas cheer to any outfit. This vest matches just right with the holiday colored flannel and a gold braided necklace tucked under the collar. Throw on your favorite pair of heels and you’re ready for any holiday party!

Tulle skirts come in all lengths and colors, find a few affordable options below:





Hoping everyone is finishing up their christmas shopping and holiday party hopping with your loved ones!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


Handmade Arcade


Handmade Arcade is a DIY indie craft fair held in Pittsburgh. Over the past 11 years the event has grown to over 150 local vendors bringing unique handmade items to shoppers. This was my first time participating and I will definetly be back for the next one. It felt like I was browsing a life size Etsy shop! Every item was more unique than the next and it’s great to support small businesses (especially out of Pittsburgh!!) Below are some of my favorite finds and links to browse their online sites. Great place to find unique presents for your favorite yinzer!

Paper Flowers

Deanna MulyeRoses made from old book pages


Rock Salt Vintage Hand-made Jewelry


The National Anthem – Home Decor Prints and Posters


Colette Paperie – Greeting Cards and Stationary (HILARIOUS sayings.)


Pittsburgh Pottery Decorative and Functional Pottery

IMG_0087Whimsical Wonders – Silverware Jewelry

Oh and here’s a comical picture of my mother dancing with a puppet.


xoxo, Belle of the Burgh

I Don’t Know About You..

But I’m feeling 22!!


That lyric will never get old (until I’m 23). Today is my 22nd birthday and it is a great, wonderful and terrifying feeling. This past year has been one of the best EVER. As every birthday comes, I take time to reflect on the last year and appreciate where I currently am. It’s funny to look back and see how different you and your surroundings are in just a years time. The memories and mistakes we’ve made change and mold who we are going to be. I used to view change as a negative thing and didn’t know how to deal with it. These days I consistently want to be growing and learning, becoming better than I used to be.

One of the best things I did in year 21 was start this blog! It has given me a creative outlet and a voice. Sharing my love for Pittsburgh has been so much fun and opened my eyes to the city in more ways than I could imagine. I have connected with other bloggers in the area and feel like I’m just scratching the surface of what I want this blog to become.


 Lessons Learned in year 21

 Accept change in others as you accept change within yourself – We’re at an age where everyone is still trying to figure out who they are. People find new passions or new friendships/relationships causing a shift in their priorities, and that is okay. Although it seems hurtful to us at the time to feel distant from another, wishing others the best in their endevours will help you feel at peace with your own choices and move forward.

Say yes to saying no – Throughout my college career I’ve found myself wanting to be a part of absolutely everything. I want to be on this planning committee, or write this article, or take this internship or hang out with this group of people, when the reality is we can’t do it all! When someone asks me for help I feel like I can always try to squeeze it in, making myself more stressed and anxious than need be. I’ve come to learn we are only human and it is better to say no rather than let someone down or disappoint them by saying yes. I strongly believe in giving your full effort in everything you do, and if you can not dedicate that, it is better to let a person know.

Goal Setting – Set a goal, construct a plan, and take action. I have done these three things in the past year and recently accomplished a very large academic goal. A goal without a plan is setting yourself up for failure. Give yourself enough time to work on it and the little steps you take everyday, will soon show big achievement.

Cherish Friendships – I am very academically driven but no matter how busy I get, making time for my friends has always been and always will be a priority. Happiness is best when shared with others. Be a listener, talk through things when you’re upset, celebrate your differences and laugh till you cry. Good friends are hard to come by and never take them for granted. (s/o to my girls !!!! love you guys<3 )

Be YOU – Live your life in a way you can be proud of and do what you want to do, not what others want you to do. It doesn’t matter what everyone else considers “cool” or their opinion of what someone your age “should” be doing. Do things, wear things, and commit to things you enjoy. Never settle, never give up,  and never try to blend in.


 Here’s to year 22 being full of laughter, creativity and a whole lot of sass!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh