Spring Forward


Happy Easter Every-bunny!

What other way is there to officially start off spring style then with floral?! I found this bright dress at my favorite discount store, Marshall’s. Every time I go inside, whether I try to make it quick or want to look through every rack, I seem to always find a treasure. Either a unique clothing item, a mug (cue my tea obsession) or cute decor for my room, it really never disappoints.



I paired it with my favorite pair of open-toe shoes from Old Navy and a flower Forever21 piece from my statement necklace obsession…..I mean collection.


I’ve had this London Fog purse for about 4 months now and I STILL get compliments on it. It’s a great combination of trendy with it’s shape, but professional with it’s color. It’s great for the young professional going from class to an internship. The large size is also great; even though sometimes it feels like a black hole trying to find my cell phone.


*Stares into the distance while thinking about chocolate bunnies*

Have an egg-celent day! (;

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


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