What’s In My Bag?


Sharing purse essentials is a typical girl post, I know, but they’re my favorite kind to read! I like to think I’m a pretty prepared person and I’m transitioning from college student carrying a book bag and I.D. holder; to trying to fit everything I need for a day into one purse. I used to carry textbooks and now I’m carrying grocery shopping lists! I dumped out my bag and picked the best items for the list below:


Planner – My life in a book. I rely on my planner to remind me of every detail I have going on in my day-to-day life. It almost seems silly with all the tech calendars available but I like to write things down and use fun sticky notes for my to-do lists. I write all homework, appointments, clubs, work schedule etc. Sometimes I get really carried away and color coordinate pen colors with activities and it sometimes makes me feel like I have my life together (keyword sometimes).

Tip: Make ACHIEVABLE to-do lists! I have a tendency to initially feel overwhelmed by a large amount of work, but it really helps to break it down step by step and not try to do it all at once or in one sitting. It takes practice, but it helps ALOT!

External Battery: This thing is a life-saver! I’ll admit I’m a overly connected person and feel close to naked without my phone. This Mophie charger is perfect for events you’re taking a lot of pictures at or when you’ll be away from a plug all day. I mostly use it for concerts and on out of town trips. It provides one full charge when you’re in a pinch for power.

Business Cards: I recently ordered a set of business cards from Vistaprint (great deals!!!) and really wish I invested in some sooner. Networking is so very important and I attend events as often as I can. Students normally have their resume as the main tool but it can be awkward to hand out if the person you’re meeting is not looking for an employee. These cards have been great to hand out so my name is at least remembered or recognized later down the line. You never know when you’ll run into someone.

Headphones: Living in the city means a lot of walking. I take the bus frequently, walk to my classes and to coffee shops; run on the NorthShore and at the gym. My Beats by Dre block out all outside distractions and blast my favorite tunes.

Accordion Chevron Mini Folder: This really makes me feel like my mom, Haha! I picked this up from the Target dollar section and it has been really helpful for organizing. I use it to store recent receipts and coupons. These items are things I usually get to the store and wish I had on me and now I do without having to think about it.

Mace: Yes, you read that correctly. I own hot pink mace. I adore everything about living in the city, except when it comes to walking alone at night. I threw this in my purse as a sense of comfort but hopefully I never have to use it!

Also Pictures: Chapstick, Portable Mirror, Car keys, Sunglasses, Cell Phone – iPhone6, HairClip, Koozie & Pirates Ticket stub because #BucsareBack

What’s in your purse?!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


9 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag?

  1. External batteries make my world go round–I’m so happy that they invented those things! ❀ My purse always has that in there! πŸ˜€

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