Belle Takes Washington D.C.

Time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve been an official graduate from Point Park for two weeks and if you think time flies in college, just wait until you’re out of it. Before starting my new job (eeeeep!!) I went on a little trip with my mom and aunt to Washington D.C. It’s only four hours away from the ‘Burgh and such a fun place for a weekend road trip! We had a list of things we wanted to see, but didn’t make a set plan so we could move at our own pace. I had so much fun and want to thank my mom and Aunt Holli for spending the time with me! ❤

  Site Seen: National Mall

Eat: Old Ebbitt Grill – We heard from a local this place was really big on food allergy and intolerance (I have a LOT) and they were very accommodating! Unfortunately I had to send my first plate of food back, I hate being that girl, but they gave me a slice of gluten/soy free peanut butter pie on the house for the wait! SO good. Site Seen: The Washington Monument

Tip: Use the Old Town Trolley!! We read many reviews when trying to decide how to get around and they deservingly had the best ones. The tour guides were energetic and informative and you get to hear/learn so many things when traveling to various locations. Site Seen: Chinatown

Eat: Wicked Waffle – Gluten-free EVERYTHING! So many combinations and delicious combinations to try right in the downtown area. Quick outdoor stop!


Site Seen: The White House

Tip: Visit the Newseum! We didn’t opt for a ton of museums this trip (their are SO MANY!!!) but when I found out a they had a media museum it was on the top of the list. Tons of world events, ways media is ever/changing and a place to put on your own newscast. If that’s not your interest there are so many to choose from, there’s one for everyone!Site Seen: Smithsonian National Zoo

Eat: Topolino’s! This restaurant was near our hotel and it had enough options for everyone. As most, we didn’t stay inside the downtown D.C. area. We stayed at Holiday Inn Express Camp Springs and had a wonderful stay! The wi-fi was weak but the staff was friendly and helpful. They provide shuttles to nearby the metro, which gets you into the city quickly and cheap. For a full look at D.C., check out the hashtag #BelleTakesDC or search my page on Instagram: @seaschelll

Catch you back in the ‘Burgh next week!

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


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