Go Ape!


Summer is coming to it’s end (although this heat wave sure doesn’t feel like it!!!) and it’s time for one more adventure before we toss in the towel! Go Ape! ropes course and zip-lines in North Park is the perfect place to try something new and get active outside! I’ll admit I’m a very “city” girl but I also like to play in the dirt every once in a while. This ropes course is just 22 minutes outside of downtown Pittsburgh!


 Spots fill up fast, so be sure to book in advance! Once you get situated in your harness and go through a group training, they let you out loose on the course! There are five courses of tarzan swings, monkey ropes, and balancing acts; each ending with a zip-line to transport you to the next. I’ve done ropes courses before during my teen days at summer camp, but I have to admit by the end I was exhausted!


The course over-all took us about about 2 1/2 hours. It was thrilling, fun, and really a team-bonding experience cheering on and supporting each other while up in the air.

What is your last adventure of summer going to be over Labor Day Weekend?

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


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