Fall Uniform

This rain and 70 degree weather is really putting a damper on my fall fashion excitement! I’ve made a commitment to NOT purchase summer clearance items and solely focus on making fall clothing, but I’m not getting to put it to instant use. Today I’m showing you two everyday looks that wear all season!

First is my “everyday uniform” or the pieces I find myself wanting to wear everyday of fall. Black skinny jeans with a slight wear-and-tear, booties, loose fit tee, paired with an army green vest and topped with a wide-brim hat! If it’s not a vest, its a flannel or a jean shirt/jacket tied around my waist. I’m a fan of the “rule of third” adding an extra piece that isn’t necessary but enhances your outfit simply.

Second is my on-the-go look or as fashion likes to call it today “leisure chic.” I’ve recently gathered an obsession for joggers. They are publicly appropriate pajamas! I’ve also been living in my leather vans since the moment I bought them and their the perfect transition shoe from sandals to winter boots. To make the look a little more ready to wear, I threw on my leather motorcycle jacket.

I’ve been on the HUNT for a small leather backpack for weeks! They’re the perfect bag for a fall concert or running errands and I can’t get enough of it.

What’s your fall fashion item you can’t go a day without wearing?

xoxo, Belle of the Burgh


4 thoughts on “Fall Uniform

  1. Love both of these looks, and those leather vans! Yeah I’m trying to avoid purchasing any summer things in clearance too, it’s taking some serious will power!

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